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A VANTAS Vice President traveled over 3,000 miles in this VANTAS TXL showing the vehicle to dealers. Unfortunately, the post below is all they would share. No pictures of the TXL at those dealers or anything that happened throughout those 3k miles reached back in July 2020.

VANTAS: Next Stop

HAAH’s VP Dealer Selection, Steve Silver, recently traveled over 3,000 miles in this VANTAS TXL. Along the way, he was able to show dealers the vehicle and have them experience the outstanding driving dynamics behind the wheel of a VANTAS. They were very impressed!

The 5-passenger TXL will be VANTAS’s second model in the lineup and is sure to impress with its smooth lines, modern styling and responsive performance – a perfect premium offering.

To learn more about VANTAS, please visit our website: Introducing VANTAS: An All-New Near-Premium Vehicle Brand | HAAH Automotive Holdings
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(Source: VANTAS LinkedIn)
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