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Along with Vantas, there will be a second brand coming to North America called T-GO. From this press release it looks like T-GO will be a more affordable option in contrast to the more luxurious Vantas lineup. The first vehicle will be a compact SUV and there will be 2 models by 2024.

IRVINE, Calif. September 14, 2020 – Today, Duke Hale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HAAH Motors Holdings said in addition to the VANTAS brand announced in February 2020, a second brand, T-GO, will also be coming to the North American market by late 2022.

All T-GO vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada will be assembled in an American plant bringing new jobs to America.

T-GO was created under a technical cooperation agreement in principle between HAAH and Chery Automobile, a top ten automaker in China and a leading auto exporter to over 80 countries. Under this agreement, HAAH will be importing parts for assembly as well as domestically sourcing parts in North America for these vehicles based on Chery’s T1X architecture. The two companies had announced in February that they would be cooperating in creating the near-premium VANTAS brand vehicles for sale in North America. Those vehicles are based on the Chery Exeed platforms.

“A company rarely gets to introduce one new automotive brand to the North American market, so for HAAH to now introduce T-GO, a second vehicle brand, is a remarkable accomplishment that every person on the team is extraordinarily proud of,” said Hale. “The T-GO brand is a mass market entry that, like VANTAS, is dedicated to changing the new car buying experience for consumers. Our one price, no haggle, no hassle vehicle pricing and all-digital, fully transparent buying platform, are game changers,” Hale noted.

The first T-GO vehicle that will go on sale in North America will be a compact SUV. There will be at least two more models by 2024.

Details on the vehicles and more information regarding the assembly and manufacture of those products will be provided later this year.

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